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"Great vision without great people is irrelevant."

Jim Collins

We are experienced in our research, have spent time developing our relationships and have defined our process by understanding what our candidate group strives to receive in their careers.  We help them discover their next chapter and, in turn, provide our clients with professionals that lead by example.  They place values at the heart of every action and naturally nurture and develop those around them to ensure the success of the entire organization.  


"A company's culture is the foundation for future innovation.  An entrepreneur's job is to build the foundation."

Brian Chesky


PRL partners with bootstrapped, start-ups and venture capital firms to support the latest technology advancements, AI innovations and cybersecurity.  We assist our clients with building, developing and supporting hiring initiatives.  Our strong IT contacts and university relationships allow us to connect our clients with expertise in their industries.  


Great leaders are the key to understanding the challenges facing healthcare organizations and the patient care continuum, i.e., increased competition, organization consolidation, system integration and deep learning analytic changes, ongoing health reform and regulatory uncertainty, patient safety, chronic illness and risk management.  Our process reviews every angle of the position to ensure the best candidate match is found.  


Today's finance executives need to be of the right cultural fit in order to drive the strategic initiatives that will propel the company forward during times of continuous transformation.  They must be able to handle complexity, work alongside all groups within the company in order to manage costs, enhance stakeholder shares, develop investor relations and minimize risk.  In start-up environments, timing can be critical for these professional hires to ensure the company does not dissolve.  We have worked alongside these individuals personally experiencing their excellance.  


PRL has provided the oil, gas, energy, and environmental consulting sectors with experienced professionals for over 20 years.  Placing candidates all around the world from North America, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East in the shale plays that cover the United States and deep water sites.  


Whether your crew is tackling modern-day construction, green initiatives or historical landmark renovations, we can help you find experienced leaders in their trades.   


The United States Military educates and trains some of the most effective and progressive leaders in the world.  PRL works with military hiring companies to expertly place qualified talent in key positions in a wide variety of industries.  

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